We understand that during these uncertain and difficult times our most vulnerable families are struggling and a simple walk around the block just won't work. We also understand that many families will struggle to go out due to being unable to guarantee social distance is maintained from strangers etc


We are opening up our centre for struggling vulnerable families to book our full centre for 40 minutes all to the themselves except from a couple members of our animal care team assuring safety and welfare to both your animals and your family.


Due to the nature of our animals you will get the chance to meet and interact up close with most of them.


Please note that guidelines will be put in place to keep your family and our staff as safe as possible.


Please purchase a visit online and a member of our team will be in contact to arrange your visit at a time which suits your family.


Please note this is only suitable for one car per family and all family must be from the same household.

Private Farm Therapy Visit