During the Coronavirus Pandemic, many families, including our own, have reassessed what is important for our children, and believe in prioritising their individual needs. A child will flourish within their own education in an environment in which they are comfortable and feel safe in. We aim to provide this kind of environment for our children and families who need it most such as children who present social and emotional needs, who have experienced childhood trauma or who have been or are within the care system.

From these reflections, we wanted to create a project to support our families and allow children:

  • To develop the skills to motivate and educate themselves on the subjects that matter to them.

  • To be a part of a community which values their needs and opinions.

  • To be a part of caring for animals and the local outdoor environment.

  • To practice skills for life such as resilience, cooking, collaborating, problem solving, communicating and decision making.

  • To play, develop social skills and make valuable friendships with their peers

  • To be free from the narrow confines and pressures of the Curriculum, to learn and engage at their own pace.

  • To spend quality time outdoors in nature.

  • To offer a space in which children feel safe to share their opinions, thoughts feelings and ideas.


If you’ve decided to attend school part time, Home Educate or defer school entry, we will be aiming to offer 2 hour sessions throughout the week for children aged 5-13 to attend in our beautiful woodland. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality of care and education, run by well experienced staff who share a passion for providing a unique outdoor setting - giving your child the chance to grow and learn in nature at their own pace.

We aim to plan an 8 week learning programme that will encourage and engage the children to learn explore and investigate. 

By taking time with the family understanding each child’s individual needs this programme will be well supported by HOPE Scotland staff. 



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