Would you like to volunteer at our Urban Nature Centre?

Would you like to spend your weekends with our beautiful animals? 

Due to the high volumes of enquires we receive for volunteering, We created monthly membership scheme for anyone who would like to become an urban nature volunteer. Please see below our criteria for all volunteer 

Volunteering Criteria:

-  Must between 12-18 years old.

-  Must be fit and well to work.

-  Must be able to work independently but under the careful eye of our animal care manager.

-  Must be confident around all animals.

-  Be enthusiastic & energetic.

-  Display a willingness to learn & get involved 

-  Must abide by our values at all times.

-  Must be able to work at weekends.

-  Parents cannot stay under any circumstances. 

Volunteering Role:

- To help with the daily  care of our 150 animals.

- To provide health checks on our animals. 

- To assist with activities around the centre. 

- To clean & maintain our centre. 

- To assist our group leaders in daily tasks & events. 

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