Urban Nature Retreat is a working animal sanctuary a therapy retreat, it can be very busy and every day is different. With over 90 animals there is a lot of work involved in looking after them and the environment they live in on a daily basis.

At UNR, we value our volunteers and the unique skills and talents they bring. Our sanctuary is run by a very small team of staff, so we rely on regular volunteers who can really make a difference. Some are fantastic bakers, some are brilliant at building and manual labour and others are wonderful at greeting supporters and helping them enjoy their visit to our sanctuary.

We are looking for reliable volunteers to help with animal care, maintenance, play workers and sharing any special skills. Please send in an application if you’d like to be added to our volunteer database. We’ll then contact you with details of volunteering opportunities and how you can help support us.

The sanctuary environment can at times be challenging, with extreme weather conditions and physically demanding jobs and so we can only offer work to suitable applicants.

Animal Care 


Play Workers